Foxgolves and Geums in a sunny garden

As our work matures we are constantly amazed at the power of a well designed outdoor space to relax and enchant.


Our clients spend much more time in their new gardens. Neglected spaces become loved and seasonal changes are enjoyed from the house windows all year round. Our clients tell us that they learn the names of plants and how to look after them, they notice details they never saw before, and find more insects and birdlife visiting their garden.

When designing we find the best solutions for your requirements, paying close attention to finish and detailing. We select quality materials which work in harmony with the site and give satisfaction through the years. Working with a range of specialist landscape partners we seek to achieve the best quality construction and planting in our gardens.

For long term success our planting is robust, long-lasting and sustainable. We provide after-care support programmes to help you and your gardener continue the vision as the garden matures.

This dedication to detail and quality enriches each space we create, bringing you a garden which will fulfil your needs and bring you pleasure for years to come.