Front Door Approach
Welcoming New Entrance
Gravel Drive-Cedagravel
Garden Landform
Steel Raised Bed with Planting
Wildflower Turf
Garden Design Plan

A Garden for a Modern Extension


A sloping garden with views to Arthur’s Seat, Duddingston Loch and the Pentland Hills.


The concept behind this uniquely located project is that of Prospect: exploring the connection of the site to the wider landscape.


A blend of constructed curves and natural forms provide a dynamic, undulating quality, the sweeping lines guiding the eye through the flowing design.


Spoil from the site has been recycled where possible, in the banks, placed as steps and laid as stone panels on the slopes, echoing the exposed rock on Arthur’s Seat opposite.


Strategically placed trees have been used to frame selected views of the surrounding landscape. Wildflowers sparkle on the slopes and bold sweeps of grass-dominated perennial planting blur the boundaries, echoing the runs of reeds around the loch and bringing movement to the space.