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Steel water feature
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3D Model for a Country Garden

Classic Contemporary

This is an evocative garden reminiscent of the client’s childhood home in the country.

The principal character of the garden is to be one of relaxed formality - timeless and understated. The strong proportions of the Georgian-style house are used to establish a clear underlying structure, while the planting layout reinforces this geometry. 

Mature trees and hedging surrounding the garden will be tidied to retain the special, secluded atmosphere.

Design interest and identity will be brought to the current open spaces by creating defined areas within the garden, each with its own distinctive character yet all contributing to a unified whole:

-   a sunken morning terrace to the         rear

-   a dining terrace with water feature -   a kitchen garden with glass house,     log store, gardeners shed and             kennel

-   a small orchard within a meadow

-   a woodland garden.

New circulation routes will be introduced, with strategically placed seating to encourage relaxed appreciation of the different vistas and atmospheres around the garden.

Landscaping materials will be a mixture of traditional riven sandstone and sawn sandstone set with quartz gravel, offering a mix of surface textures.

A bold, structured, but romantic planting style will be found closer to the house, making the most of colour and scent. Further from the house the planting will be more relaxed, evolving into looser drifts of grasses and meadow plants to provide a subtle link to the surrounding countryside.